When’s the last time you went to


Where my personal Jesus is music, I hear the Word every day.

I frown to think I could have written about these guys earlier, but I am a whimsical blogger. I listened to their EP again. If you let yourself be a blank canvas, Church paint on it with black, then decide to sprinkle on a dust of pink – there’s no end to that spinning wheel of blossom/decay/sunshine/gloom – but I indulge in the interplay, and I like a bit of schizo on the side of my musical dish.

Cloud reaches out and inserts tingles in my spine around halfway through, after a building up of emotional debris. KingCrow is playful but keeps the minor tones at hand. And. Is that faux-happy I hear in Happiness? It’s still alright. Yes, my little September sing and hop-around-alongs, it is.

Let’s go to Church tonight, has a nice ring to it.

You can stream their EP, Gold (out now), here.

Check out the myspace for other downloads.


5 thoughts on “When’s the last time you went to

  1. interesting stuff, brought some new blend to my rusty playlist.

    by the way, it seems to me that the word indie doesn’t mean anything anymore… cuz what’s NOT indie?

  2. the world’s done changed with the internet.
    we can talk “viral” these day, that makes indie an obsolete term.
    but still it only makes me think of flu.

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