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Loved on Soundcloud:

Free download:


Free download: 320 mp3:

Can you believe this music is (made) free (by the artists)? Nope, neither can I. Makes me want to pay someone! Throw money on the street or something.




Another day is born.

Catching a mood. …I felt a surge of that feeling today. Sunny weather, snow melting, people in T-shirts, people in parkas. So here I am trying to match the mood musically.

An idea. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been acting like downloading music is a waste of time. It’s so passé. But if we pay for, say, a vinyl LP, we should have access to a cloud-sharing type storage system with those same tracks, which we can access from smartphones. Makes sense?

Vibrations. So for a vital shot of good music that’s already up there in the internet clouds, ready to pass through your mind then go back up again, I got the goodies:

A partly melancholy and all the more enchanting song from Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo BárbaroLook Around The Corner, recorded during the London riots of August last year.

They’re doing a show in LA in March but I don’t care ’cause I’m not there. (sad)

Bonobo‘s remix album is out, and there’s a solid (not gaseous or liquid, mind) minimix available as a little nudge to buy… However I much prefer the regular versions. (I’m cutting some words out of my vocab, “original” is one of them because I don’t believe in originals- only copies; nor should we perpetuate the idea of “authors” – only of artists as a medium for expression)

And a mix to do with LOVE over here at mixcloud. Includes Clutchy Hopkins, Blu & Exile, East of Underground, Ahu…


It isn’t really bleak, it’s just that much more unreal.

I received James Blake‘s latest EP about a month ago. I could download the thing, but I couldn’t post one song, not even as a stream. I thought, that’s against the point, so the Buddhist in me told me not cling to the need to listen to Enough Thunder. The mind was quicker this time and said fuck it, let’s have a listen. And of course, it’s great. Well, go stream it over at Abeano.

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Drive, and an original soundtrack.

…so original that if the 80s didn’t exist they just came up with it.

I was giggling already when the bright pink credits of the opening sequence made me think, “So cheesy”. That wouldn’t be the last time I’d think it, but Drive is still a very good film.

Blurring the lines between “art” and “entertainment”, it’s something of a film noir (heavy stylistic use of light/shadow). It’s got plenty of electro pop and little dialog- enter the multiplex punters complaining that it’s slow. The way the narrative goes is predictable, but that’s not what interested me. It’s the building up of a mood which is so great in Drive
This is sort of an action film, but it’s not. There’s a heist or two, there’s a sad little love story, several conflicts. But the faces, the colours, the light, the unlight: that’s where the action is, and I loved it.

The main character is like a warrior Buddhist monk (they did in fact exist), reminiscent of Melville’s Le Samourai. The Driver is cool and collected– until he’s not. Then he’s just cool yet uncollected, smashing up heads until they hit a tone of sangria. The lady-friend is more of a prop to unleash a pathological love in the Driver. I detect no major character composition there.

The music and atmosphere are insanely Lynchian: that is, dreamy-disturbing. It’s these two components that make me think highly of the film. The violent scenes were… well, cheesy. Though one was definitely Lynchian.

And conveniently enough, one day after I see the film, an email pops up in my inbox. I can read French and images, so now you should listen to la “B.O. deja legendaire

ici (soundcloud)

The music, as I already mentioned, includes something I rarely indulge in, going by the name electro-pop. In Drive it just works, in the dramatically cheesiest way ever. So Kavinsky’s Nightcall, yes, I bop along to you. It’s probably something to do with how the film came about, what with the protagonist’s soul being saved by pop music and driving and all.

I can buy that.

Menage a FlyLo: Lovers Melt 2

My favourite love-themed mix is still Bullion’s Mixed Up in Love but this is a vast expanse of mutating landscape, as opposed to Bullion’s melancholic Zen garden. Enjoy them both.

Flying Lotus, Lovers Melt 2

click the pic

Bullion, Mixed Up in Love – Hm, not sure I can locate it right now. Anyone who has the mp3, leave a comment.