I live in Bucharest, Romania.

Here’s to the music and possibly deleting “About” pages.

Contact me via the contact form below, or twitter.


27 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello!

    Thought I’d pester!

    Thanks for the .mp3 link from one of my tracks! My good buddy jeez told me about your blog, its really nice. There are new bits and bobs on my website too if your interested? visit

    Thanks for your support, keep up the cool writing/ranting!

    Peas out


  2. yessirree, from such umbilically dictated confines you have risen above the nonchalant squalor and created a sort of… um, good blog?
    speccy even!
    I’m down the back on the left, looking absent looking out the window but secretly terribly interested at the what the tour conductor has to say…

    keep rambling =)

  3. First i listened to the songs and then downloaded them. now i just clic download, i know i m gonna love it. thanks for the blog, it s great!

  4. what up what up
    came upon your page
    with all its freshness
    thought id drop
    moon ninjas on ya
    in case you wanted to peep
    some more styles
    check it on myspace
    keep reppin the good ish
    and keep drinkin koolaid
    and eatin cookies
    thats what we do

  5. Wow, what a site! I plan on reading often. What’s happening in terms of Romanian music these days? I have only had exposure to some prog rock bands from the 70s, and that’s about it outside of folk and classical.

  6. Pity I don’t write that often… I tend to apologetic about that. As for Romanian music – I wonder. Also, depends what you’re into. I’m always quick to recommend Balanescu Quartet.
    Lots of people seem to know of Negura Bunget, came as a surprise to me. There’s an alt rock scene that seems stunted at birth, mainly because those bands bring nothing new to the table. Lots of people into electronica, but I have not heard anything worth writing about. It would be far more interesting to do field recordings around Romania.

  7. @ “I live in Bucharest, Romania. ” – sadly, for us, you don’t. we miss you, though.

    maybe you should say “i live wherever they’ll have me”. if.

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