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things that go bang in the middle of the night

I haven’t done unsigned goodness in a while, heck, I ain’t done nothing much in a while. I’ve been planning my trip (mainly getting to Chopin’s house and what to drink in Poland) not that you care much, but I have to get my passport tomorrow after compromising with the lady at the desk (it was due the 10th of July I think) and leave on Tuesday bright and early, but shit I can’t be fully happy until I have that bloody piece of binded plastic and paper between my evil toes (natch!) or fingers.
MySpace has been leaving me terribly afflicted lately, no goodness in the indie rock department that I could find. I did a couple of poorly-planned searches and left empty-eared or angry at the staple mediocrity.

Gav however is way better at discovering very good under-10 000 views pages of the electronic variety.

Before you can say panties-in-a-twist, something of note showed up. CC & the Spades. With virtually under 10 results for the band name on Google, I’d say we’re safe if we were to bring up the topic of good lesser-known bands with hipster acquaintances.
Never you mind that, this is quality pop-punk with an ever-flowing instrumentation, and vocals tailored to fit the whole aural scene. The music doesn’t go upwards or down (based on the two songs I instantly fell in love with on their myspace) but carries itself lazily along, summer-turns-to-autumn-style with wind blowing through the cracks of the deserted chalet the band’s practicing in. That’s what the music inspired me to write, and lo and behold, the westerly winds were blowing in my direction giving me a hairstyle that made others cry with envy goes CC’s wonderlandish-bio entry. If you’re into PJ Harvey you’ll be all over CC’s smashing low-rider vocal qualities.

I don’t know why, I uploaded this song for you..

CC and The Spades – 8 Hours Of Little D mp3

It’s available for download on CC and the Spades’ myspace however along with another fine cut.
Go now, or bookmark for later


Yes, Virginia

dresden dolls
Since it’s a bright and breezy summer, I thought I’d make it a bit darker for you today. Not entirely end-of-the-world, because

Dear Editor-
I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.” Please tell me the truth, is there a Santa Claus?

-Virginia O’Hanlon

No matter how light the concept, The Dresden Dolls‘ latest LP, “Yes, Virginia” reaks of penumbre. Which isn’t all bad after all. In theatre, when you go to see a comedy, you can expect to laugh, but what’s under the laughter is closer to grotesque tragedy. The Dresden Dolls turn that around, and by exploring taboos Amanda Palmer shakes out the dark and sprinkles sugar from a salt holder on top. Their style is nothing short of a tight, tight piano-playing – drum-pounding combo (although most of Amanda’s piano teachers have seduced her) and moments of less brazen passion with just Amanda and her piano.

Most of you will probably hate them at first, as I have for a while. Luckily I’m so lazy I have to get sick from something that comes up on iTunes to change it, and the Dolls suffered many a metamorphosis that way: from shockingly unlistenable as a whole to bearable soundtrack to I want to hear the whole album again.

Although it’s mainly US touring for them now, in August they’re heading off to Europe for some festival playing.

The Dresden Dolls are “brechtian cabaret punks” Amanda Palmer (map of soul featured) and Brian Viglione
They’re currently both involved in other projects. Amanda’s doing the “night of short films and dadaist vaudeville” thing, as you do (dates for “Fuck the Back Row” on their site). And Brian’s got other bands to occupy his time with.

The Dresden Dolls – Me and The Minibar mp3

Update: I know there’s been problems with the first link, I must have visited the minibar one too many times. I chose another storage provider which should be ok.

The Dresden Dolls – Backstabber mp3

The Dresden Dolls – Mrs. O mp3


(you can stop the truth from leaking
if you never stop believing)

The Dresden Dolls – Yes, Virginia