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[Podcast] terje rypdal is a motherfucker

Here we go all Norwegian once more, with Nils of Ella Guru marking the weirdest spots on the mellifluous map of Norway. Hurrah. Here’s the podcast feed.
お楽しみに! Hope you enjoy.. Don’t let that first track scare you off. And do read the explanation for the selections, you get brownie points for that too.


darkthrone – transilvanian hunger

as my last mixtape was titled ‘I hate black metal’, I found it only suitable to open this one with my favourite black metal track, my favourite norwegian blackmetal track that is, my all-favourite would have to be ‘Rivfader’, by finnish ‘Finntroll’, known as the blackmetalband even people who hate blackmetal love. But this is norwegian, one of the pioneer bands I’ve been told…I think their bass player got murdered by some  blackmetal/devilworshipping/churburning/nazi-guy back in the nineties, though I might be wrong, maybe it was the bass player in Mayhem…I honestly don’t know…anyway, I kinda like this song. I cut it quite early though, you’re not missing much really, it goes on like that for another four minutes or so…and I apologise for the poor sound-quality, blame it on the guy who gave me the mp3…

side brok – likandes kar

Norways best hip-hop act I would say. They’re a funny bunch. And as I remember it when they first came, I didn’t really give a damn then, didn’t even like rap, many people sort of wrote them of as just a funny bunch, singing in their weird local dialect of Ørsta, or is it Volda…I’m not sure…But listening to their albums now they stand out as a personal favourite…they’re not only funny, they’re also damn good.


eiko – to macrocosm

eiko, ah…I love her.

she is by far the coolest woman I’ve ever seen on a stage, or anywhere else for that matter.

though, I’m not really sure how norwegian she really is…I think she might actually be from switzerland or something…but she is somehow norway-affiliated, I think…I don’t know, I don’t care…

She could scare the shit out of you, using a laptop and a microphone…


monomen – divide divide

making a desperate attempt of escaping the haunting world of Eiko, with some catchy tunes from synth-pop-hipsters Monomen…


kjøtt – metamorfose

Kjøtt (Meat) was one of the leading acts of the norwegian punk-scene…largely overrated in my opinion, but some of their songs aren’t to bad…like this one…

The drummer later founded one of the most popular bands in the country during the eighties and early nineties, Raga Rockers, they’re actually quite good. Some other members of Kjøtt continued making music in a rather horrible new-wave band called ‘Cirkus modern’… really utterly horrible…

hiss – sirkel (im kreis)

Found it in this record store I used to work in…I have no idea what it is…have seen one of the names on it credited as producer for something, but can’t remember where…if anyone know anything about this band, please let me know…

PapaFahr – Welcome to Odessa

Heh…I just had to ad this. Papafahr is an old local singer-songwriter (I have no idea how old he actually is…somewhere between fifty and one hundred I would guess, but he could very well be somewhere between twentyfive and onehundredandfifty). You can sometimes see him playing the streets in trondheim, some times, as on this recording, backed by myself on drums and percussion, and Marcellius from the rather brilliant band Spring Collection on bass. When we recorded this the bass player was heavily influenced by this christian country record which was lying around in the studio kitchen…he doesn’t normally play like this…it sounds good though, great song, smells of summer, sun, cold beer, pretty girls and all things nice…


Fra Lippo Lippi – Out of the ruins

Fra Lippo Lippi  is best known for having been famous in the Philippines. But before they started making dreary eighties popmusic (though their hit single ‘Shouldn’t have to be like that’, is quite catchy), they were portrayed as beeing a norwegian Joy Divison…heh…at least it sounds as if they really tried to be, hard.

On this album, ‘in silence’, from 1981, they sound more like New Orders first album ‘Movement’ though. I think they made some EP’s before this (I ain’t got an internet connection at my place, so I can’t check up any facts, unfortunately).


Domestic Duck – super cool

Norways best ‘krautrock’ band perhaps…I don’t really know anything about them…this guy up in the fourth floor in my building knows them though, and apparantly they don’t play much…too bad…


Motorpsycho – wearing your smell

When you go to a indie-rock gig with a local band in trondheim, you can usually classify them by referring to a particular Motorpsycho-album. Their status as Norways greatest indieband is undisputed, at least here in Trondheim. I really can’t think of any others worth mentioning. Choosing one song from their vast and varied back-catalogue is one very ungrateful task…I chose this one…I don’t know why…


Manna – Vi vil ikke ha mer krig

‘People who don’t like reggae are essentially bad people, I don’t trust them’ – I said that, or so I’m told…I don’t know if I can stand for it though, I know of at least two people I like who don’t like reggae-music…and just recently my dad got into dub, at the age of 54.


G.O.D.S. – Trondheim

These guys can get anyone from six to sixty and far beyond to dance. masters of crowd control. this song, a hommage to the town we live in; ‘sun, summer and snow, that’s trondheim you know’…or something like that.


Dog & Sky – Hammer

this was the first band I really dug after moving in to town…ah, imagining Matt, singer of D&S, in a slightly oversized suit making a tiny jump clinching his eyes yelling kiss me!, man, I could’ve kissed him right there…but that was another song, at some other gig, some other time… according to the cover booklet the singer of the band ‘det glade vanvidd’ plays hammer in this song, but I’ve not been able to dechipher where. I could watch the drummer for hours, love her style, and she’s so good, I almost find it  provoking(I’m a drummer myself), she must be a jazzer or something, wich reminds me of…

PELbO – the star

…Pelbo, whom someone somehow have given the honour of havin’ made tuba sexy…that’s absurd, when was tuba not sexy? all bass is sexy. If someone who knows the band by any chance hear this mixtape, they might wonder what happened to the final part…well, I’ll tell you what. It sucks. I hate it. So I cut it. I’m sorry guys. Everything you her on the recordings the also do live, looping of vocals, putting on effects and such.


Chilsmissebarna – Gregor Samsa ain’t dead

heh…me and the percussionist in my band once took initiative for a spontanious rehersal, but noone else were available, and also we didn’t have keys to the bandroom, so we went back to my place, shared one pathetic bottle of bear, and started making sounds with whatever stuff we could find in my room, a vacuum cleaner, a guitar flight case, a recordplayer etc. That was the beginning of Chillsmissebarna. The band who managed to chase just about every participant of a friends birthdayparty arranged at my place, playing on vacuumcleaner, casserolles and guitarfeedback, everyone fleed into the kitchen or to the toilets…at the other of the two gigs of our career we started fighting out of frustration of the fact that none of us knew what we were doing, or maybe because we were bored, rolling around in the dirt, einar tore my shirt…this australian guy with a barbercue said he really liked it…

Babi Jar – Babi Jar

a friend of mine popped in, asked me ‘what are you doing?’, I told him what I was doing, ‘oh’, he said, ‘I’ve got some stuff you could use’, and brought me a usb-stick with music. this one was the only one to sneak through the needle’s eye this time.

120 days – come out (come down, fade out, be gone)

so hip it almost makes you sick, but that doesn’t keep them from being good, does it? I don’t know. I have a disease that makes me unable to listen to music, at least modern music, without immideatly coming up with a bunch of references, whom the band I’m listening to never really can live up to, in my eyes. It sucks really, prevents me of liking a lot of music that’s probably not really to bad, it’s just that this other band from the sixties or seventies or eighties, was better…there’s always some other band…


123 – Graveyard paradise

but let’s forget all that and enjoy this sixties beauty. Dylanesque you say? Yeah…but please don’t ruin it by reminding me. Actually the sickness is only contaminous for music made after y2000. This is ripped from an original seven inch my aunt gave me, real worn…listen to the scratching…


The year in podcast

Which was a bit disappointing for me, since I couldn’t include The Boredoms’ “Super Roots 9”, otherwise known as three-quarters of an hour of head-spinning noise – from choir to chaos. Not a moment of peace on this live track. So, listen to it for yourself.

About the podcast – I’m not apologising for the Black Kids track. I liked the album, it’s pop and it’s fun.

This year had a lot of good, and a lot of ugly. Apparently dubstep ruled on a whole different level. So much so that all Boomkat newsletters were dripping with the fact. I never got that much into it.

I’ve been listening to some re-releases, like Linda Perhacs‘ “Parallelograms” or David Axelrod’s “Seriously Deep“. Rediscovered a bunch of other artists too. For me – maybe it’s too early to dig 2008, and in 20 years I’ll catch up with what really happened this year.

So.. good albums. The natural choices that are just there, on every list most likely – Portishead’s “Third” and Flying Lotus’ “Los Angeles”, Jamie Lidell’s “Jim”; then my natural choices – Mr Scruff’s “Ninja Tuna”, Erykah Badu’s “New Amerykah Part One (4th World War)” and lastly the rare, precious ones that you need no pause or rewind for – Rockettothesky’s “Medea”, The Present’s “World I See”. That scratches the surface of what follows – Continue reading The year in podcast

Eashfacast Autumn Edition

I have to post about my latest podcast, because it unites fantastic artists singing in some of my favourite languages. I deliberately avoided English, though there is one track on there, from a Norwegian band called The Cut… I had to do it. It’s a great track and it half-fit the theme. EllaGuru also have a track in English on there, but you can barely make out the lyrics which is a good sign.

It’s a bit of an experiment. I want to see how much “language barrier” can affect the attention span/degree of pleasure you get from music.

BLU  25 Disegni
Source: BLU > 25 Disegni

Japanese is a versatile language for song – it can go horribly wrong or near-perfect. It must be all those open sounds. See Yura-Yura Teikoku, UA, Lullatone, Cappablack and my boy Shing02 for the details.

Norwegian I have just realised, is also a pleasing medium for music. It’s one of the few tonal European languages – the inflections do sound like Chinese sometimes. The artists I have here are all from a compilation a friend gave me (Takk for det, Nils!). Thus was I exposed to a pleasant peacock of diverse musical feathering. The songs, bar one, are by no means new, and if you try and google the artists you get close to nothing. Ranging from EllaGuru‘s perky anthem, perketiperk (that was just too too easy) to Alle Tiders Duster‘s haunting, chant-like Lillegutt, you’ll tell immediately this one largely under-represented people with a weird, spastic, poptastic, rock-tinged taste in things musical. But it works.

Brasil always makes some sort of appearance in my podcasts, and this time it’s a classic.

I hope whoever listens enjoys and gets inspired to rip up the English bubble. Knowing other cultures only puts yours in perspective. So yes, listen up, down and all around.

ゆらゆら帝国– おはようまだやろう
Det Elektriske Kjøkken – PILastral
EllaGuru – perketiperk
Lullatone – Maborshi ondo
Os Mutantes – Dia 36
Shing02 – 人生ゲノム (Genome Of Life)
Valium Baby
The Cut – Atmospheres
Sigur Rós – Inní Mér Syngur Vitleysingur
Alle tiders duster – Lillegutt
Cappablack – Them In Us + Akarui-Mirai [ft. Emirp]
UA – Tasogare


Eashfacast – jewelled mouth-organ

xml (for podcast client or feed reader)


The Youngsters – Abertura
Nickodemus – Intro
Erykah Badu – The Healer
Shuggie Otis – Aht Uh Mi Hed
The United States Of America – Cloud Song
The Kinks – This Time Tomorrow
The Specials – Ghost Town
Mulatu Astatke – Yègellé Tezeta (My Own Memory)
Junior Murvin – Police and Thieves
Lykke Li – Time Flies
Shankar Jaikishan – Typewriter Tip Tip
The Beatles – Got To Get You Into My Life
OutKast – Call Of Da Wild
Wildchild – Day N The Funk (feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow)
John Holt – I’ll Be Lonely
Massive Attack – Any Love

Eashfacast #13

Here’s the new podcast episode, number 13 according to my prime number calculations, getting much higher still!

I’m hosting it on

  • podbean for the people who prefer mp3s (why?!)


  • I’m also doing an alternate m4a feed. It’s so enhanced that you can skip tracks to your heart’s content because I made chapters. Can you feel it?! So for that version, subscribe to in itunes or whatever you’ve got 😀



Light My Fire (J.Rocc)
The HeliocentricsAge of the Sun (Out There LP)
A Tribe Called Quest – Can I Kick It
EdanI See Colours (Beauty and the Beat LP)
Pete Philly & Perquisite feat. Talib Kweli – Hope [DJ Mitsu The Beats Remix] (Excellence LP)
Two Gospel Keys – I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore
Nujabes – Luv (sic.) pt3 (Ft. Shing02) (Modal Soul LP)
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings – how do I let a good man down? (Naturally LP)
Secos e Molhados – Amor (After Tropicalia – New Directions In Brazilian Music In the 1970’s)
Manu Chao – Tristeza Maleza (LaRadiolina LP)