Hang them.

I don’t watch or read the news, except if it’s music news. Today a regular news item happened before my eyes, apparently hell spits fire and doom upon our “national image” because of:

Please examine carefully. By all means, NSFW.
I give to you.. My Little Anti-Semitic Pony
I give to you.. My Little Anti-Semitic Pony

OK so I can’t find the one with the pink My Little Pony sporting a swastika. That got the most votes for being a Nazi piece of crap. Of course, it’s fascist, what else could it be?

The snaps are from a Romanian art exhibit at the Romanian Cultural Institute of New York.

The exposé I got to see in teh news was journalists spoon-feeding some shit to a fan. I just love it when art gets discussed in the media. Something along the lines of, if it’s not controversial, it’s OK! No no, let me make a complete list:

1. Art must not bother you

2. Art must not irk your usual train of thought

3. Art must be pleasant to eye and not, under any circumstance, actually cause thought

4. Art is about higher ideals and principles, represented in a coherent form. And the colours are not to clash (wha’d they teach ya in art school anyway?)

Those are the basics. y’all. Dare to argue, punks?

Let that be a lesson for you artists everywhere, Romania won’t stand for your brain blobber all over that canvas.

And one thing I don’t get. I believe people talk in clichés and collocations all the time, it’s basic word association, and it lets you retrieve concepts for fast communication. Whatever. But I expect journalists not to use phrases such as “does not represent our country”.

What would be that thing that represents our country? The concept even? This is a pattern of thought that should be de-bunked or at least diminished for the consumer at large, instead Romanian journalism is reinforcing it.

This kind of reaction is a blow to freedom of thought everywhere. Seems like most anything is an excuse for stirring up the press and the people for .. nothing much at all, under the false impression that moral standards are being upheld and the masses’ amniotic bubble has burst because of this sick, corrosive shit. I mean look at it! Hell yeah, paint pink butterflies and daisies over it.

People from NY, go see the exhibit and judge for yourselves: “Freedom for lazy people”. Pics of the exhibit are up there, unless some communist hacker decides to dishevel the site.

And a Flickr photo-stream, props to twi-ny.com

This being an audio blog and all, I still have to post some music, so there:

Quantic – Death Of The Revolution (off his latest, Presenta Flowering Inferno) – seems to fit the mood


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