Another day is born.

Catching a mood. …I felt a surge of that feeling today. Sunny weather, snow melting, people in T-shirts, people in parkas. So here I am trying to match the mood musically.

An idea. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been acting like downloading music is a waste of time. It’s so passé. But if we pay for, say, a vinyl LP, we should have access to a cloud-sharing type storage system with those same tracks, which we can access from smartphones. Makes sense?

Vibrations. So for a vital shot of good music that’s already up there in the internet clouds, ready to pass through your mind then go back up again, I got the goodies:

A partly melancholy and all the more enchanting song from Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo BárbaroLook Around The Corner, recorded during the London riots of August last year.

They’re doing a show in LA in March but I don’t care ’cause I’m not there. (sad)

Bonobo‘s remix album is out, and there’s a solid (not gaseous or liquid, mind) minimix available as a little nudge to buy… However I much prefer the regular versions. (I’m cutting some words out of my vocab, “original” is one of them because I don’t believe in originals- only copies; nor should we perpetuate the idea of “authors” – only of artists as a medium for expression)

And a mix to do with LOVE over here at mixcloud. Includes Clutchy Hopkins, Blu & Exile, East of Underground, Ahu…


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