Warp Goods (times 2)

On the eashfa shopping list: Jamie Lidell is beckoning us to his one-man funk storm, which basically means a new album, JIM, a video, and promo image from said video of him dining with a horse-lady.

if you can’t wait for the album or single then grab a new unreleased track for free by signing up to Jamie’s mailing list.

Now, Jamie videos are sure easy to come by, not so in the case of Leila Arab. I tell you I did not want to see this. Not even a video per se.

Leila just got herself signed to Warp Records, she tames the IDM/trip hop vibes like no other, and with no official LP outing in a decade, all those pent up creative juices must be waiting to burst out. You can burst on me, Leila. A 10-inch is out April 21, followed by the album, Blood, Looms and Blooms in June. The album includes a Martina Topley-Bird collaboration, oh how you do tease. To think this is from 10 years ago:

Leila Arab – Feeling mp3


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