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Wrongkong get it right

Attack my pop sensibilities will you, Wrongkong.

I support pop, I do. I want to bite Wrongkong’s heads off and see how they’re wired, because it’s only once in a while that “indie” bands manage to present us with neither the tortured artist poop or attempts at new, original, never-been-done-before “soundscapes”. And they’re always from Sweden or something. Sometimes it’s a case of fiat lux, fiat pop. I’m pretty sure I just made that up.

So here’s the “five-headed beast” named Wrongkong, with a perfectly good pop beat. They do not appear to have sold their inner underwear in the Faustian spirit, and their latest single is for a video (or vice-versa), My Dearest Enemy, which is a little bird that flew off their album, So Electric.

So Electric is out on AdP Records [link]

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“It’s just not something to say”

Stream the album

Dearest readers,

I’m giving up trying to describe or define music- that is entirely beside the point. But here’s the thing.

I could just yell, Translucent geometry! and leave it at that.

Uh, no. Panda Bear‘s music comes from someone with vision, and I can feel his efforts to put that vision forth, when I listen to it. There’s a sense of communing with something great when you listen to songs like Alsatian Darn or Slow Motion. It doesn’t take you by surprise, in fact it’s expected.

I know a lot of people feel enthusiasm for this LP coming from the same source, the same origin – it takes music to remind us we’re not really separate, even more so when lyrics talk of doubts, and slipping up, and ‘if’s’ and ‘would’s’. Being alone is sometimes the most community-oriented thing you can do.



PS You can buy the LP right now so do it already!

[MP3+MV] Narcoleptic Dancers: who does their hair?

No reinventing of the wheel here. This bit of summery, jangly pop might be too laden with cuteness to work for most, but it’s light-hearted and ready to warm you up like a ray of sunshine spearing through a cloudy day.

The Narcoleptic Dancers sound like Slow ClubNouvelle Vague and red polka dots on a white dress.

Listen / download: Not Evident (mp3)

And here’s a hairy vid:

Their EP comes out on the 8th of November, on… wait for it… Bleepmachine/Capitaine Plouf.