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椎名林檎/Shiina Ringo – ハツコイ娼女 , Hatsukoi Shoujo

While lately I have been listening and watching a lot of Shiina Ringo performances, I haven’t yet written anything about the Japanese singer who got swept into mainstream music. I will though, because a lot of people might like her but just haven’t been properly exposed. Here’s one of my favourite videos, for ハツコイ娼女.



Circulations makes my head melt inside and sway back and forth on the outside.

Looking for AFTA-1‘s Aftathoughts Volume 1 a few months ago, you might have been surprised to find it’s physical release is only available in Japan, and it’s Circulations, a label from Japan, who are responsible. I’m digging the Japanese version of the cover.

Afta-1 - Aftathoughts
Afta-1 - Aftathoughts

They are also host to the Muhsinah, Reggie B, couple others I’ve heard of, some others I haven’t yet but damn right I’m gonna initiate myself.

So apparently there is definitely a market for this surreal hip hop sound over there, and not only for the squeaky (literally, sometimes) music called J-Pop.

Afta-1 – La Samba mp3

Muhsinah – Scatterbrain mp3

Reggie B – We R Here (Super Smoky Soul Re-Edit)

Check out some mixes that reinforce general belief that Japanese are actually aliens – but in the best way –

Circulations over at samurai.fmCirculations myspace

Afta-1 myspace ( links to buy the whole album for $8 )

Muhsinah’s myspace

Reggie B myspace