Another day is born.

Catching a mood. …I felt a surge of that feeling today. Sunny weather, snow melting, people in T-shirts, people in parkas. So here I am trying to match the mood musically.

An idea. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been acting like downloading music is a waste of time. It’s so passé. But if we pay for, say, a vinyl LP, we should have access to a cloud-sharing type storage system with those same tracks, which we can access from smartphones. Makes sense?

Vibrations. So for a vital shot of good music that’s already up there in the internet clouds, ready to pass through your mind then go back up again, I got the goodies:

A partly melancholy and all the more enchanting song from Quantic & Alice Russell with the Combo BárbaroLook Around The Corner, recorded during the London riots of August last year.

They’re doing a show in LA in March but I don’t care ’cause I’m not there. (sad)

Bonobo‘s remix album is out, and there’s a solid (not gaseous or liquid, mind) minimix available as a little nudge to buy… However I much prefer the regular versions. (I’m cutting some words out of my vocab, “original” is one of them because I don’t believe in originals- only copies; nor should we perpetuate the idea of “authors” – only of artists as a medium for expression)

And a mix to do with LOVE over here at mixcloud. Includes Clutchy Hopkins, Blu & Exile, East of Underground, Ahu…


Wrongkong get it right

Attack my pop sensibilities will you, Wrongkong.

I support pop, I do. I want to bite Wrongkong’s heads off and see how they’re wired, because it’s only once in a while that “indie” bands manage to present us with neither the tortured artist poop or attempts at new, original, never-been-done-before “soundscapes”. And they’re always from Sweden or something. Sometimes it’s a case of fiat lux, fiat pop. I’m pretty sure I just made that up.

So here’s the “five-headed beast” named Wrongkong, with a perfectly good pop beat. They do not appear to have sold their inner underwear in the Faustian spirit, and their latest single is for a video (or vice-versa), My Dearest Enemy, which is a little bird that flew off their album, So Electric.

So Electric is out on AdP Records [link]

Live shows are a good thing to go to. Find out when and where on

ten songs that saved your life

I received this in the mail and decided that I liked the concept.

we are a new blog based in paris called
ten songs that saved your life.

we ask artists from different fields about the
ten songs that saved their lives. the playlists are
listenable on official fm.

the first guests are : xavier veilhan, terence koh,
justice, jonathan caouette, hans ulrich obrist,
gisèle vienne, christophe lemaire, robert wyatt,
richard kern, peter shapiro, amos poe, aa bronson
(general idea), rebecca bournigault, liam gillick,
robert longo, jean-louis costes, gary hill.

upcoming : mohini geisweiller, rachid ouramdane,
ugo rondinone, slater bradley, jesper just and more
to come.

you can follow us on the interwebs :