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[Proper punk/primitive sound] Rainbow Arabia

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto Rainbow Arabia, and now they popped in my mail.

Like many before them, they grab onto “the Eastern influence” and.. you know, turn it into something new. I’m not going farther back in time than Madlib, whose Beat Konducta in India should not be missed. If you want to chill, pick up Madlib’s nuggets.

For the more punk-minded, Rainbow Arabia go off the beaten path and frolic with the African, the Eastern, the sadness, the gladness in a dizzy genre-dismantling dance.

Omar K mp3



Moths perched on Rainbows

So this is psyche-rock! Psyche-rock, meet the people of eashfa.. Let us bow our heads from side to arrow in this marsupial pocket of a sound.. It sounds like it’s not there, actually it sounds like Air, what era, ah who cares. Great stuff from the LP Dandelion Gum

Black Moth Super Rainbow – Forever Heavy mp3 

Black Moth Super Rainbow – The Afternoon Turns Pink mp3

BMSR myspace

While the weekend aways

First off, here’s the Zutons. You can always check out their un-unnerving, eye-easy myspace for tour dates. Valerie I remember as the soundtrack to getting my passport, so I’m inclined to give them space here:

The Zutons – It’s The Little Things We Do mp3

The Zutons – video stream

Next is a bunch of funtime-peddlers, featuring conspicuously stuffed animals during performances. Tiny Dancers are growing out their small-town roots into a musical role that might seem excessively zealous. There’s a touch of post or prog that wraps like a ribbon around a box of catchy guitar gems. The teeny bunch sound stamina-ridden and sprinkle their multitude of influences (around and over the Pond- The Flaming Lips for instance) like soy sauce on Basmati rice. Mmm.

tiny teeny dancers

Tiny Dancers – 20 to 9 mp3

Their album’s out, look for it.

Nellie McKay‘s latest LP has me mesmerized with her song There You Are In Me. It pianos and pleas in pure unsought-out Nellie style. Her sophomore recording has a playground of its own, and her grandfather did time in San Quentin.

Nellie McKay – There You Are In Me mp3 (via mammothpress)

Open’er Gdynia – Part 2 with pop songs and true skool

I supp-hose I did miss out on Nightmares on Wax, I have been severely admonested by some people who I consider to be authorities on that front. But, hah, I did get a middle laugh (not last, mind, cos I missed the third festival day altogether) and scheduled my second day in Gdynia perfectly.

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