Mechanical Bride

A glockenspiel. A computer. A guitar, and Lauren Doss make up Mechanical Bride (myspace). Remember my penchant for Transgressive Records? Lauren’s been signed last year. As much as I like my voice-deprived songs, where instruments roam free like bunnies hopping around a field, I find shivers down my spine when I least expect it- from a girl’s mad-haunting song called Chapel. It’s stripped down in the percussion department, just enough to let the voice feel its way around until it echoes back and forth; it sounds like mourning for love, a mourning that’s not entirely grey and sombre. And it’s different because her voice stems from solace, and not sadness.

I’ll soon give up this putting things into words business, the artists I really like I can’t really write about – from so much awe that I’m immersed in. I learned a word for alien in Japanese today –うちゅうじん・uchuujin- and its sound reminds me of Mechanical Bride.

This was my first bubble of awe. It’s an experiment; I want to do bubbles that take five minutes to write – so you can find out about the music, and I have an excuse for not feeling literate.


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