Sixth Street Technix

More Transgressive Records Goodness.
Polytechnic came together as The Conversation in March 2005, playing to a packed house at the Academy within 3 days of forming. Since then the band have gigged around Manchester, earning a rapidly growing fanbase and a name for high-energy shows. (source)

Polytechnic, as an indie band making their own no-budget videos, have a sparkly punk-pop sound to rival many a mainstream band. They’re like The Beach Boys for a new generation. So if you do enjoy a. indie rock without being a snob about it, b. actually understanding the lyrics and c. a tinge of melancholy added to an otherwise pop-ward epidermis. And they started playing only three days after they were formed.

Polytechnic – Won’t You Come Around mp3

Polytechnic MySpace (where one might want to listen to their latest single Pep)

pic courtesy of cocoen


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