Bacaknuckle Sandwich

Well of course it children’s music!

Way back when I first told you to get your Bacanal, I might have omitted to say, it’s a compilation and there are other artists featured, and Eglantine Records (I mean Eglantine’s a nice name, but because of this link in my mind, I keep forgetting

Eglantine Gouzy‘s

record comp.. anyway, I don’t think I ever did a proper organised review of an album in my head or in my life.

Oh, look! I didn’t forget to say those things when I first mentioned the Bacanal one.

And he was featured in my 2006 album list with his EP.

Luis stole one of his own artfully-packaged LPs to send over to me, and now that some of my exams are out of the way, I decided to leap in a lapse of time and listen to the album. Lulo is maybe short for lullaby. Or lull into. The whole album is a 10-piece puzzle – easy eh? Well you might or might not join the jigsaw, hell if you’re so hyperactive you can’t rest for five minutes without checking your PDA (or HipsterPDA) – well throw that all out the window for a bit, like the English used to piss out the window in the 18th century for want of proper plumbing, or plumbing at all, yes, piss your hyper out the window and listen.

Because Lulo is for marshmallow people that cover the city in cohorts on Sundays, maybe wishing they were still in bed.

littlerThere are mechanics to the album, inner mechanics, like blood flow, but its blood is acoustic guitar mixed with samples of robot-toy-things chirping away? It’s a little postmodern mythical creature, an endearing pet, with no bumps in its synth structure or its human artifice (the spacey guitar), plotting to paint all the walls in petit blue and petit pink.

To me, it meshes together in a new, unique way, with wholehearted electronics that grasp the kid in us like no premeditated Disney all-weekend marathon will, ever again. (Although I always cry at the Fox and The Hound, I have to occasionally ask meself, what the fuck I am crying for?)

Your headphones will be cheering for Lulo’s creator.

Here are those couple songs you get for reading the post (or even if you didn’t, and if you don’t, I mind – some of you ight learn some proper spelling by reading more – not off the web always perhaps).

myspace of Luis

you give $, you get the joy of touch

Jazzy-rendered mp3
Lumbago mp3


4 thoughts on “Bacaknuckle Sandwich

  1. Thanks for the lovely read! 🙂
    I was in dire need of something interesting to concentrate on and you didn’t fail me.
    There is some problems with the songs though. Sparky gets “Access Denied”…
    Apparantly I don’t have the proper clearance!
    Either way, I hope you aced the exams!

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