I might not completely understand this Linfinity (myspace link) music, I warn you.

I don’t know – am I meant to? Most of it seems to continuously relapse into an orchestrated daze that’s so impenetrable only Dylan Von Wagner (nice pseudo) can get it. Tycoon is the song I like for now, because of its jello-like vertebrae. It starts out with you thinking you know where this is going – mid-point there’s strings leaking over the guitars, and the hectic mix implodes into a spacey trumpet at the end. Am I getting all this down? Good. Moving on to Molly Mar of Rome, it’s sounding like an epic catastrophe. A bit more predictable, but quite nice for a ball, an exit stage right from said ball, and the loss of some slipper maybe. Intriguing, really, and slightly confusing- there’s a whole new alter-ego (or is it?) specially assembled to go with the quirky music.

I’ll have to collect some more impressions on this; it all sounds very different and still it reminds me of something – not musically but personally- so I’m not sure how I feel about this. I should lie down now.

There’s an EP out: A Manual For Free Living:Installation.

Again, go listen here.

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