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Wrongkong get it right

Attack my pop sensibilities will you, Wrongkong.

I support pop, I do. I want to bite Wrongkong’s heads off and see how they’re wired, because it’s only once in a while that “indie” bands manage to present us with neither the tortured artist poop or attempts at new, original, never-been-done-before “soundscapes”. And they’re always from Sweden or something. Sometimes it’s a case of fiat lux, fiat pop. I’m pretty sure I just made that up.

So here’s the “five-headed beast” named Wrongkong, with a perfectly good pop beat. They do not appear to have sold their inner underwear in the Faustian spirit, and their latest single is for a video (or vice-versa), My Dearest Enemy, which is a little bird that flew off their album, So Electric.

So Electric is out on AdP Records [link]

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