Fleur Earth Experiment

Which brings me to the fantastic label of German origin, Melting Pot Music, hence the lyrics in German – one of the foreigner of foreign languages, for me.

So, got an MPM newsletter, saw a pretty girl. And where there’s a pretty girl there’s potential.

I’m trying so hard not to go to Erykah Badu categorisms. My flair was right about Fleur Earth though.
In solo ventures as well as with Fleur Earth Experiment aka FEX, she is nothing but straight-up smooth.

It happens that the internet is pregnant with so much information you find only the crap side of things, but looking up her band, and more specifically Fleur Earth, there’s a few places brimful with content (read: mp3s).

Shame on me for only just discovering iDEOLOGY, the net label where some of Fleur’s previous work still resides (archive here).
Take “In Liebe, Fleur” (mp3). The modulations on that song remind me just enough of recent Cinematic Orchestra to incorporate the rhymes into the general flow. Music is surprisingly more serene when you don’t know what the hell they’re going on about. I can only guess from the title of the track. Back to a mythical age in song then; you have to be reminded once in a while how language can limit – instead of carry – meaning; let’s go beyond that, shall we?

Unbegreiflich The Ins RMX snippet (mp3)

Who could blame you for wanting the vinyl.


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