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ten songs that saved your life

I received this in the mail and decided that I liked the concept.

we are a new blog based in paris called
ten songs that saved your life.

we ask artists from different fields about the
ten songs that saved their lives. the playlists are
listenable on official fm.

the first guests are : xavier veilhan, terence koh,
justice, jonathan caouette, hans ulrich obrist,
gisèle vienne, christophe lemaire, robert wyatt,
richard kern, peter shapiro, amos poe, aa bronson
(general idea), rebecca bournigault, liam gillick,
robert longo, jean-louis costes, gary hill.

upcoming : mohini geisweiller, rachid ouramdane,
ugo rondinone, slater bradley, jesper just and more
to come.

you can follow us on the interwebs :


Turn that smile upside down. Mixtape ahoy.

sad today

lazy to pick up ipod 5 tip toes away

extend hand press play

delightful cassette noise. pac pac pac it says & the stereo… nowt

cassette speaks to stereo! like sun, and god, and ra.

Also, meine damen und herren in today's listen lesson:left of the dancefloor

guillemots – by the water mpdrei (kept rewinding the cassette)

mazzy star – halah mp3rois

nick drake – place to be mptrei

manu chao – merry blues m4a

dubby: him – what's up tonight mp3

chopin – mazurka no 49 op 68-2 m4a

sunset rubdown – a day in the graveyard mp3

jeff buckley – the boy with the thorn in his side (live smiths cover) mp3

bavarian druglords – the great ape mp3


stone roses – sugar spun sister mp3



bavarian druglords (myspace)


Indie Mixtape. Stoop to hype level

 UPDATE: the links are understandably dead, but the whole playlist is up on Grooveshark. Check it out.


download and make a goddam tape of this

for full size click the image of your choice 🙂

Tapes n’ Tapes 😉 dubbed the hardest working band in indie rock by Filter Magazine, with a cheery downer of a song that strums its way through highs and lows like heartbeat on acid.

Tapes n’ Tapes – 10 Gallon Ascots mp3

What I’m really into these days. The first movement (because it really does sound like several movements that cohesively build up into a classical concert, in an indie rock jazz kinda way) sounds a loke* Doves’ Black and White Town, but then the Guillemots’ identity resurfaces. (You have to believe I did NOT read the pitchfork review beforehand)

The Guillemots – Train To Brazil mp3

The Delgados are from Scotland, which like Montreal, has a terrific scene. This is an older 2005 song I am adamantly proud of (owning). Sunny and vivacious. Universal Audio review

The Delgados – Everbody Come Down mp3

A nice song, sparky. Official site.

The Essex Green – Don’t Know Why mp3

It rarely happens that I get ever so excited. Pop does speak to the heart. You can accuse me of over-hyping (hyping schmyping), I just had to post this funny jangly tune here. Indie for kids let’s call it, about her brother Alfie. You’ll love this if you have a funny tooth.

Lily Allen – Alfie mp3

I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness. My new favourite Austinites. Partly due to the name of course, but a great name wouldn’t compensate for lousy songs anyway. Subliminal message massage: Hype them away please.

I love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness – According to Plan mp3

2 songs for download chez myspace

Bla bla. Green elephants and banjos on the mxipate. I can write anything here you’re not reading anymore *evil*. Just have a look at this. I had a friend say to me the other day, “you know, most people don’t consider the ‘universe’ every day like you do.” The rest is on their site actually.

The Impossible Shapes – Florida Silver Spring mp3

Larrikin Love, the punk-bluegrassers du jour. This one sounds like a very sober very cool Pete Doherty coming from singer Micko.

Larrakin Love – Edwould mp3

Be your own PET. I didn’t get the band name at first, but I wasn’t too interested. I rediscovered them in April, and have been, how you say, hooked =D

Be Your Own Pet – Ouch mp3

Last one already? Well uploading songs for an hour was just so much fun. No really it was. I don’t know why people complain. I really don’t know, I was thinking of White Rose Movement, but maybe there’s something more unhyped out there.

Let me know what you think of my mayhemiotic bunch. Bless you

*a lot like (join my inside jokes) 🙂

Gracias a hellopretty for the picture I warped in PShop CS.