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ten songs that saved your life

I received this in the mail and decided that I liked the concept.

we are a new blog based in paris called
ten songs that saved your life.

we ask artists from different fields about the
ten songs that saved their lives. the playlists are
listenable on official fm.

the first guests are : xavier veilhan, terence koh,
justice, jonathan caouette, hans ulrich obrist,
gisèle vienne, christophe lemaire, robert wyatt,
richard kern, peter shapiro, amos poe, aa bronson
(general idea), rebecca bournigault, liam gillick,
robert longo, jean-louis costes, gary hill.

upcoming : mohini geisweiller, rachid ouramdane,
ugo rondinone, slater bradley, jesper just and more
to come.

you can follow us on the interwebs :