While the weekend aways

First off, here’s the Zutons. You can always check out their un-unnerving, eye-easy myspace for tour dates. Valerie I remember as the soundtrack to getting my passport, so I’m inclined to give them space here:

The Zutons – It’s The Little Things We Do mp3

The Zutons – video stream

Next is a bunch of funtime-peddlers, featuring conspicuously stuffed animals during performances. Tiny Dancers are growing out their small-town roots into a musical role that might seem excessively zealous. There’s a touch of post or prog that wraps like a ribbon around a box of catchy guitar gems. The teeny bunch sound stamina-ridden and sprinkle their multitude of influences (around and over the Pond- The Flaming Lips for instance) like soy sauce on Basmati rice. Mmm.

tiny teeny dancers

Tiny Dancers – 20 to 9 mp3

Their album’s out, look for it.

Nellie McKay‘s latest LP has me mesmerized with her song There You Are In Me. It pianos and pleas in pure unsought-out Nellie style. Her sophomore recording has a playground of its own, and her grandfather did time in San Quentin.

Nellie McKay – There You Are In Me mp3 (via mammothpress)

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