Open’er Gdynia – Part 2 with pop songs and true skool

I supp-hose I did miss out on Nightmares on Wax, I have been severely admonested by some people who I consider to be authorities on that front. But, hah, I did get a middle laugh (not last, mind, cos I missed the third festival day altogether) and scheduled my second day in Gdynia perfectly.

After a walk around the local cliffs and some delish pierogi with some kind of berry filling (who ever gets the berries straight anyway?) I felt well up for another outing. On the first night we smuggled Mircea’s big-ass Canon Rebel XT although the rules were apparently quite strict about it, I was strict as to showing the check-in ladies only the non-intrusive parts of the camera from my bag (so no lens show-off then). The second day however I was a bit nervous since some people in the bus to the festival pointed with anger at the camera and said there’s no way they were going to let us in with that. Luckily Canon had already thought about these things :p and no matter how hard they looked security couldn’t find the number of pixels the camera carried.

Whenever I get the pictures up I’ll let you guys know, some of them are brill.
Like I already mentioned yesterday, the evening commenced with Skin. Fast forward to Franz Ferdinand. You Could Have It So Much Better… never really took off with me, so the first few songs of the set weren’t anything worth dancing like a prat to. The bit of pogo-ing and jumping around kicked off soon enough though, and I kept hoping the show wouldn’t end- the simple genius of live acts like Franz Fer is you’ve got music that’s already good (don’t nobody argue) combined with a band that knows exactly what to give and what to take from the audience to make the show so good that you sweat all your beer away and you don’t need to go to the loo after.. ta for that FF. Although I almost passed out due to exhaustion during Take Me Out and Darts Of Pleasure. Hoo.

Franz Ferdinand – This Fire mp3 (Live at Oxygen, 2004)

I reckon a glimpse of the madness is over here.

Mash-up of Sigur Ros and Ladytron

After running to grab and down a pint as quickly as I got it in my grubby hands, I again had to run and try to fight the stillness of walls that was the audience for Sigur Rós, consisting of … mannequin-like terrifying people mostly. Only one nutter who decided to clap (and instigate others to! woe-was-he) at the most inopportune moments. These people basically ruined part of the experience for me. Is this the emo crowd relocating to Europe? The no-smoking yet angst-ridden let-me-die-already masquerades of a human being? I didn’t feel like I was surrounded by humans, but then Amina came onstage and made everything better. Then came Sigur Rós. They just waltzed in with petals on their violins and guitars; you’ll know these people are special even if you’d never have heard them. I got high on the first and last songs [Takk… and Popplagið (Pop Song)], and the video projections that sent you out into space. The mini marching band appearing onstage when you least expected it however brought the paradox of Sigur Rós firmly in its place by sucking you in and letting you out of your revery, both at the same time. Overall I have to say I wasn’t overwhelmed and I’ll have to choose where I see them next more wisely because I’m sure the venue is the one to blame here.

Sigur Rós – Sæglópur mp3 (live at Madison Square Garden 09.02.2006)

I can’t remember where I got this from really, I think someone gave it to me but whoever recorded it feel free to leave a comment so I can express my gratitude with your name tag on it.

Ladytron were all too predictible. I didn’t see the first half hour or so – Iceland had beckoned – but still, after seeing angels on stage I saw half-she-devils in the shape of Ladytron. I’m not sure what I mean by that, they do have their charm, the guys in Ladytron too. But with live acts you expect some oomph I didn’t get. They are as cool as you’ve heard, but that eventually leads to stiff.

That was to be rectified.

Coldcut @ Open'er 2006

Coldcut – True Skool mp3 

I was tired. It was almost 2 am or something and I’d been stomping around Babie Doly for what seemed like ages. However, when you feel tired and apathetic, the best way to go is an andrenaline rush. Love, exercise, chocolate, something. When Coldcut came on I honestly don’t know what hit me. I’m not a die-hard fan, but somehow I got there in time to squash myself against the fence. I’d listened to their 2005 LP, Sound Mirrors, only once or so. I didn’t find it disturbing in a good or a bad way. I’m not a big fan of people sitting in front of me, pushing buttons and whatnot. But somehow the collective that is Coldcut gave me such a rush that I couldn’t contain myself. I was happy to hear good music, see excellent video projections, interaction with the public, and Matt Black singing along to the infamous Jungle Book tune, I Wanna Be Like You (you couldn’t actually hear the guy, but he was passionate and that’s what counts). Highlights? Can’t think of a moment i kept still. So hot damn, everything. Well, of course there’s things that stick on top of your brain like True Skool (featuring Roots Manuva – he was there in 2D), Walk A Mile or Everything Is Under Control. Of course their springboard into mainstream, mind-boggling-at-the-time (1987), Paid In Full turned everybody on even more. I could feel the chaos behind me crawling up my back and I loved it. Everyone in the front was acting like a tight-nit family by the end, and we were applauding like mad until our hands turned red. I only know how to say a couple things in Polish but I know for sure the guy next to me choked upon saying “That was fucking brilliant”.

Lesson learned then.

5 thoughts on “Open’er Gdynia – Part 2 with pop songs and true skool

  1. It was. bloody good, i’ll have to see them again though that would mean breaking my no-more-dj’s viewing options. ah, but for coldcut, anything.

  2. They’ve been around for-seemingly-ever…just never seen ’em. I must…I’ve never seen any of the Ninjatune stuff live either….must remedy that.

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