Canon(ball) blue

Canon Blue sounds like the party’s been going on in the kitchen with folks playing spin-the-bottle between shots of tequila and maybe milk, and all silently wishing they could run in the fields/forest/Iceland (ok I want to run around in Iceland). Rum Diary can only agree with the circumstances. Then it moves on to the bowels of the house, with a living room you’re seeing at lightning speed and a basement that sends your pace from horizontal to vertical. Yeah, you can jump now to Battle Hymn.

There’s definitely something atmospheric that’ll prevent you from just plugging in directly. But don’t you just wish that once in a while your music player can surprise you? (I know you said yes damn it). That said/Still you should cop this. Which is why downloading from blogs is so much more fun than from music stores.

Now. It’s morning. Around 5 am. Writing a story about the kitchen with alcohol stinging the air you remember — White tea with mango bits anyone? Or maybe just some Pilguin Pop.

Canon Blue – Pilguin Pop mp3


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