And now a raunchy groove to get your motion in a commotion! Haha, laugh that last one off. But it’s true. Thank Blog I ain’t a critic and I can use eashfa to show mainly, mostly love to artists who deserve it.

The Politik are Bembe Segue (all you Brasil fiends out there know her for sure) and producer Mark de Clive-Lowe. The sound is broken beat canvas, soul and jazz oil painting. The songs that I’m digging are High Priestess, with a laid-back sunny vibe reminiscent of Azymuth, Moonlight featuring BLU and Black Sun

The record boasts a plethora of beat makers and rhyme sayers – Wajeed, Daz I-Kue (Bugz in The Attic), Jason Yarde and respectively BLU, replife, plus one of my personal favourites, Bahamadia. Such a diverse range within the creation process might have got the musical message shattered. Common ground was found to build upon, detonated, then reassembled. And the result is so fresh it might take some ears getting used to. 

There’s a mixtape for you to download and preview the album (released 31.07.2007)



One thought on “Politik

  1. i likes the foist track off the Politik; the rest few tracks are totally out of my world 🙂 did you get round to Juba Dance, missie? how’s things at home?

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