Joan can be my lighter

Each day I listen to music I’ve never heard before, and every day I get less easier to impress. It’s hard to discern what good music is when it doesn’t fall into the immediate “love” or “hate” categories. I could probably throw away half of my CDs and never think of them again (though if I did, you know I’d be that disheveled looking lass on top of Bucharest’s garbage dump stinkers pulling her hair out cos she can’t find her beloved Kooks album).

joan in pinkI do love some songs, and I don’t have to obsessively play them so they show up on my to know that. They stick with that unseen part of my iceberg. So, today, I was struck by an artist and I’m still rubbing my eyes like you would when you come out of the cinema and you have to get used to the light. But I’m coming out of the cinema skipping and jumping along main streets, that’s how good Joan As Police Woman are. Joan Wasser is the one under the limelight, a bit of an indie icon – amongst many other projects, her day job for a while consisted of playing violin with Antony and The Johnsons. Her bandmates are Rainy Orteca and Ben Perowsky (bass and drums respectively), also respected indie peers.
“I began singing to myself, very quietly to myself so no one could hear. It’s shocking to hear your own voice. It’s also shocking to learn you have no idea what you want to say.”
Joan talks like that. Imagine how she sings. I can’t profess my love for her voice enough. She’s got Cat Power’s charisma and vocal depth and Annette Peacock’s soul, confiscating all the atmosphere your speakers will or won’t cover.

Joan As Police Woman – Eternal Flame mp3

tracks for streaming at BBC Collective

Buy at You Make Music

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