Good Morning say the Lullaby Makers

Bel Auburn like music from Iceland. They also like to isolate themselves in Ohio, where the houses have porches.
Bel Auburn also have a beautiful second album. The production seems a bit loose for my taste a couple of cuts, or maybe I didn’t get the point, but generally this comes in great for autumn. I can almost see myself in cheesy slow motion throwing the leaves out of my tangled hair. Some record company honcho ain’t gonna be too happy when he hears what he’s been missing out on. Hurrah for melody.

I don’t care if they don’t want to sell their souls, I think they should. Just so they can get some better sound engineers to really get things going.

Here are the tracks with commercial value:
Roses, Good Night, Metropolitan (Oil) mp3s [right click and save to download]. The rest (nine in total) are downloadable via their site.

2 thoughts on “Good Morning say the Lullaby Makers

  1. a haha aha ah. haaah. i just looked em up on seems like they’ve putting (themselves) out. shoulda posted some french kicks instead but they get hyped anyway.

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