Mobilarts – Friday night you ask me penny?

In this wide world of colours, races and ice-cream flavours, we have a couple features in common. We like to keep ourselves safe, and in the realm of things we’re used to. Even acting all experimental doesn’t save you from this curse. Even if in your head you’re the shit, you’ll never know. World music is different simply because not enough people listen to it. But if you want to skip being spoonfed “indie” for once, peep these artists from the brand new record label, Mobilarts.

Ghana’s Kusun Ensemble – you can see for yourselves. Afro beat complete with ritual dance.

Kusun Ensemble – Seaboy mp3

Among the label’s artists – Tafwik Ouldammar, Daehan Saram, Franck Colman – guess who’s

a. the Morrocan pianist mixing it up with jazz

b. the multi-instrumentalist hailing from Togo

c. the crazy Korean group with a tinge of hip hop


Tafwik Ouldammar – Evasion mp3 (careful, it’s 30 MB)

Daehan Saram – Ah – He mp3

Franck Colman – Go to Zion mp3


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