It’s A Possibility

Get on your dancing shoes… or take them off for that matter. After a night of almost breakless boogie and a smidge of yeye last Friday at 1000fryd in Aalborg, Denmark, I feel inspired to spread the word. Dancing to music you haven’t ever heard before is strangely refreshing. So is dancing when you’re the only one on the dancefloor at 10 pm… when three-four hours later there’s just no more space from couples shakin’ it, and some twat spills beer on the dancefloor so there’s a largish square of space gone to waste.

northern soul

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Spirits were high nonetheless, thanks to all the old 45s spinning us around their plastic fingers. Love of Northern Soul renewed! Northern Soul encompasses all the soul artists (was that obvious?) that put out records in the 60s but got pushed aside or forgotten simply because there were so many of them trying to ride the same wave. For instance, if you listen to Curtis Mayfield, you should get acquainted with Terry Callier.

Here are some songs you can dance to in your bedroom:

Ronnie West – Lil’ Woman mp3

The Cassadons – 2 Sided Love mp3

Barbara Lynn – Nice & Easy mp3

Terry & Marsha- It’s a Possibility mp3

Dee Clarke – That’s My Girl mp3

For more info about the DJs, Nik B & Søren L ::: myspace

— Northern Soul Night is a monthly affair, held at the 1000fryd in Aalborg–


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