Why you wearing sunglasses? / Alle Tiders Duster (Norway)

I hear people all the time telling me what’s wrong about music today, and how it used to have heart, man, a vibe, people would actually listen to the artist (well that part’s true).. This is partly wrong. I can’t deny all of the talented artists out there. But something about this band from the early 80s, with a lifespan of 4 years… reminds me how music is never history. It is, so much of it, here for us to wonder about, especially when you can’t even find a picture or other proof of a performance.

Well good luck trying to buy any Alle Tiders Duster. It’s gonna be vinyl, and if you don’t like getting dirty and digging deep in second hand record stores, it’s an online struggle. The wikipedia articles are only in Norwegian, so here is my version:

Alle Tiders Duster are a band central to the punk movement in Norway. They were active from 1980 to 1984. What was so central about them? Well it wasn’t just the spooky synths. They took the live gig and made it a creative process, experimenting with how they were making sounds. Theatre-type repartee is something to be heard on the records also. They went out with a bang, apparently. Their last gig was in their hometown of Bergen, in a shipyard, where Dustene staged a performance called Fra asken til ilden/From ashes to fire.

Luckily for you, me and anyone who just landed here by accident while looking for something completely different, I would like to turn the quest for rare Norwegian punk/new-wave LPs on its head, and share with you the Rødt Lys LP (Apollon Records, 1982).

Some of it is new-wavey, but I feel most of the record is a slap on the ears, Einsturzende Neubaten-style. Until you get used to it. Afterwards it’s great, and right now, I can’t get enough of this freak-show of an LP.

download: Alle Tiders Duster – Rødt Lys (zip)


11 thoughts on “Why you wearing sunglasses? / Alle Tiders Duster (Norway)

  1. This is funny to read, I used to play in this band. It*s cool that somebody still remeber us.I see this is posted o september 23, my sons birthday. Yesterday he started putting some of our songs on youtube

  2. Irene, hello. I feel like you’ve autographed my arm and I should get it tattooed! Lovely to have you here.
    Some people don’t search just the FM band for good music, the internet can be good thing that way. And your music is definitely not just for the vaults, it demands to be re-released.

  3. hei Irene, nice to see you here 😉

    really weird.. my birthday is september 23rd and I was in the band too =:-D

    Jast had a chat with a guy who’s doing a documentary about punk in Bergen today. thought I’d check what’s out there..

  4. Wow! Alle Tiders Duster. =) I’m from the Philippines and this is the first time I visited your site. I am currently searching for interesting bands that fall under the New Wave category and Alle Tiders Duster was part of the list that I found (c/o wikipedia).

    Here in our country I’m proud to say that we too have great New Wave bands such as “The Dawn” and “Identity Crisis” you might want to search for more information regarding the bands I mentioned.

    By the way, How many albums did Alle Tiders Duster release?

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