[Summer Festivals] Bedlam in Timisoara

If by some drunken choice of destiny you’re in Romania this summer.. Surely you know what I mean when I say, stay away from Bucharest; and on that note, go to Timisoara! For five days of madness and all-round artistic debauchery under the guise of a Gipsy (that’s Romani for the politically correct) Arts Festival, kicking of the 6th of August.

  • Official PosterOfficial Poster
  • IRAF (International Romani Arts Festival) will host the likes of Boban Markovic, Estelle Goldfarb, our very own Ovidiu Lipan Tandarica – and that’s just covering the music part of the festival. There’s dance, film, photography, anything goes. It looks so wonderfully chaotic, rather unmissable.

    Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar – Bumamara mp3


    2 thoughts on “[Summer Festivals] Bedlam in Timisoara

    1. Well, if you cycle hard enough.
      There’s next year – if you’ll ever want to return that is.
      Plus, anyone with a Scottish accent is forgiven by default.

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