Vier Minuten, the bloody piano and the soundtrack

I hear that people going to the cinema these days is revolutionary. It’s like planning a trip to Japan. Do we have the money? Do we have to learn the slang? Are the people weird where we’re going?

That strange species sitting on a chair for a couple of hours without popcorn, while they just.. watch.

Sitting still is great, and this one film drowned out everything else – literally, while I was watching there was nothing else (except badly adjusted Romanian subtitles that frantically ignored laws of space and time). Vier Minuten (Four Minutes) is all about the music. Two women, one replacing human passion with an obsession for music, the other running away from all the bad memories music brought her, but still bound to it. The concept of ‘bound’ is fairly well roasted during the whole film, whether it’s handcuffs or destiny you can’t unlock yourself from (being a falsely-imprisoned piano-playing genius- we can all relate).

As I was sitting there and the main character let an explosion of sound rip through the prison walls, I was waiting for my little revelation. Then I saw blood on the piano keys. Respect.

Handkanten Act mp3

13 thoughts on “Vier Minuten, the bloody piano and the soundtrack

  1. Where can i download the album for Vier Minuten and find the music for Handkanten Akt so i can learn how to play it?

  2. Hi, i loved the music of this movie, i tried to download the ost, but the link its dead… can u help me please!!!

  3. where can i find sheet music for the song handkanten akt ??? i absolutelly love that song and it would be awesong to play it…

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