Mixtapes that SUCK(tm)

Recently I’ve started to miss my tapes. I sometimes stare at them in disbelief that I have no medium to play them on anymore. So instead of dressing up in your mom’s clothes, I’d recommend getting that I’m cool, I’m-young-but with-the-access-to-feel-old high with this incognito USB drive. It’s an emperor’s clothes sort of thing,  where the most you can do with the actual cassette is hold it. But if that’s novel to some folks, this can only be a good way to re-shape the future by digging into things from our past.

SUCK cassette tape USB (source)

Meanwhile, one of my favourite records this year is out there on cassette:

J Dilla Ruff Draft And this one you can actually stick in your stereo.

If anybody knows any other decent LPs you can buy, where clicking and skipping are not option, scribble a comment or hit me up where my mailbox rests.

3 thoughts on “Mixtapes that SUCK(tm)

  1. One of my fav mixtapes is Skalpel’s “Virtual Cuts” that came out in 2000. Although if you can still get hold of it, it will no doubt be just on mp3.

  2. Damn it, I just went through dusty-laden storage boxes and found my walkman. It took me a minute to realise why it wasn’t playing properly it didn’t have batteries

  3. u should hit up makeamixa.com ! 🙂 u could put one of ur mixes on this usb for a kwl present! (it’s on my wishlist lol)

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