Free Pepe Deluxé

No good music recently? I’ve noticed that too. This summer seems to be bleaker than others, even on the singles front, there’s no Gnarls Barkley-like sunny-day soundtrack to serve our society 😉


Well fret not; Pepe Deluxé are here. Celebrating the release of their third offering, Spare Time Machine (another recommendation from the indispensable Gav) they are literally giving away their second LP, Beatitude. Now if you’ve never heard of Pepe Deluxé, your soul can still be rescued. The Finnish masters of genre gliding and sliding are yours to download here. Doesn’t matter what kind of music you’re into. You can thank them on their myspace.

Salami Fever (via AOL):

Now all you’ll want to do is buy their latest (I can’t stop listening to it), and groove to your heart’s content.

Here’s one of my favourites off Spare Time Machine, Mischief Of Cloud 6:

Again, here’s that AOL link for Beatitude (filed under ‘rock’…eh?! a bit too generic). Go, go, get.

2 thoughts on “Free Pepe Deluxé

  1. Yeah it’s a great album! The guys really liked my review too, which was nice. I offered my help in any additional way required and Jari asked me to help paint their studio! LOL!

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