Madlib’s Universal

Goodies come in many shapes and kinesthetic flavours (and many a Madlib musical persona). Stones Throw are releasing the Yesterday’s Universe album (July 17). This is one of Madlib’s many projects, consisting of Yesterday’s New Quintet‘s (Joe McDuphrey, Ahmad Miller, Monk Huges, Malik Flavors and Otis Jackson Jr) funked-up jazz experiments. Only, you do understand, those five names are guises of the same Madlib.

When you think about it, it’s not so much fantastical as it is a story, a tale of fantastical substance, which is part of how jazz affects the listener. But it seems very real, because it’s like poetic license, an understanding between you, the receiver, and the creator, to inhabit this wonderland for a while. 

Yesterday’ Universe will walk us through Madlib’s prolific journey into jazz, ; it’s bound to mesmerize and I can’t wait for it. The album also features Karriem Riggins and Azymuth‘s Mamão on drums.

An mp3 for ya:

Jackson Conti – Upa Neguinho

4 thoughts on “Madlib’s Universal

  1. product not found? hm. i would buy them all for the lovely artwork. i wonder if “otis jackson jr.” is the one that draws inspiration most from his father. madlib’s art is like trying to make this philosophical system, all questions and no answers 😀 i dig that.

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