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We blog kids (authors/readers and whatnot) all know the shit state of the record industry; and I know (infer) this how?

– on the internet: any mainstream entertainment portal will promote- and I’m looking at one now- Timberlake, Aguilera, Lavigne (number 1- man these charts are of Gargantuan pre-history), a pre-chewn, pre-tested fast-food-connotation worthy ensemble of safe bets.
– on the radio: not that I’m familiar with US radio, but I’m guessing anything with a good signal and broad coverage has the same artist map as said sites.

Warner have apparently1 dropped2 J*Davey; be it a rumour with no founded fact (though is there smoke without a fire), I got emotional and wrote all this, because I know that exposure is a loose term when it comes to these things; there is only so much exposure you can give to a band by means of a blog when some people are surely still asking themselves what blogs are good for. Eventually, and I know I’m pessimistic here, the information you set out into the world with hope, loops inside a finite circle of people that probably had some interest to begin with. I want that not to be the case.

All the people that have no time to look up your basic hype machine or aggregators, all the ones that leave their home pages rest in the msn – yahoo nest will never know, will never get to hear underground artists that are not stuck there because they have incomprehensible lyrics or beep – dot – beep sounds. These artists are underground because that’s where you literally start off, and it would seem logical enough for someone to hear and like you, sign you, promote you. But nobody’s ready to take risks, even on something so evidently hot like J*Davey. Objectively, I could not envision anything but success for them. Commercial success isn’t that bad, is it? These people need to make a living still. And I only show love to those I believe in.

I am writing this thanks to Childhood Hero (nice nickname by the way) who sent me this bit of news, and I shall now proceed with the illegal file sharing activities us blogheads are infamous for. Not the last you’ll hear from J*Davey, but here are four tracks from the album that was supposed to be released by Warner. These are still rough and probably not what you might have heard on the actual album. — Zip file

J’Davey – This One! mp3

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