The Carps

You will have been warned not to stay too close to the speakers but you’ll already be deaf, and your hearing will lie on the altar of Carpedia.

Being from a pretend hood and all, The Carps are seriously difficult to come by if you google them; hooray then, that leaves us with the music, with the Gargantuan bass, rhythm and bong-a-bong feast that is Carpedia aka The Young and Passionate Days Of Carpedia.

So, is it soul, is it rock? By the why-aren’t-my neighbours calling the police-sound of this visceral, maniacal, theatrical and envioronment-altering plenitude of sound, it’s both – rock with pieces of soul chopped up and scattered around.

Neil White is a Brit, I can see how. You do get warned to get away from the speakers, which is gentlemanly (and also lawsuit-panic induced?). He is the garage punk vibe of the duo, while Jahmal Tonge is the Motown and Stax fiend who has some Caribbean gospel to thank for the sheer stream of godliness (the laic kind) pulsating through the music.

No cracks or splits, The Carps’ genius sprawls throughout the EP; its or its’ future brothers and sisters’ commercial success is only a matter of time.

As a sidenote, I think this is what Bloc Party could have been, somehow the fizz just fuzzed on their latest album.

I leave you with the music, the only reason why.

Let’s Fall In Love mp3 (alternate link)

All The Thugs I Know mp3 (alternate link)


(Note: Some Gracenote(TM!) issues with the file names, the whole streamable EP on The Carps’ myspace shows the right order)

9 thoughts on “The Carps

  1. Hey Doug.. when I got the EP there was this irresistible magnet between us; more so than my relationship with apple and cinnamon yoghurt 🙂

  2. can anyone give me the link for the “The Tumultuous Adventures Of JJ Iscariot And The Insatiable Booty Fantatic” mp3???
    (not the remix, the ep version)


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