A new (as in, 2003) Dilla track, part of an album recorded for MCA that’s bound to be released as soon as Stones Throw handle the legal issues. It features J Dilla rapping, while the production part was handled by an array of talented producers, such as Madlib, Pete Rock and Kanye West. I wasn’t that sure about J Dilla as MC.. until I heard Ruff Draft, originally released in 2003 but only on vinyl, and re-issued this year by Stones Throw. But that demands a review by itself, much to be said about Ruff Draft.

Diamonds mp3

Edit: I can’t link to the mp3 anymore sorry! Stones Throw very politely asked me to remove the link.

Also Jay Love Japan seems to not be authorized by J Dilla’s estate, and Stones Throw have nothing to do with its release.

For another Dilla production made a year after Diamonds, Guilty Simpson’s Man’s World, check out Stones Throw Podcast.


4 thoughts on “Diamonds

  1. Whoa! That song is sick…where did you get your hands on that? Has the MCA album leaked, or is Stones Throw dishing tracks out to bloggers? I need more, dammit!!!!

  2. Stones Throw getting in touch with me? Haa, I wish. I don’t know if they’re in a hurry to release this either, they have the Jay Love Japan coming out in June so..

  3. Yeo if u wanna hear music like this and live in southern ontario canada u should listen to 89.5 bounce Fm.. from midnight to 5 am

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