Let your bang flow

On the bus today I looked out since there was nothing interesting inside the bus, and I saw a girl with her friends, sporting a guitar. She reminded me of me, so I’m sure she couldn’t really play anything. This got me to thinking about how we make music these days, and how easy it is to come up with something brilliant, without carrying a guitar around, not that there’s anything wrong with that. As long as you carry along your concept too.

Today’s point, and I just have to write about this, concerns a free trip to Iceland, which has been the general destination for your common rich young hip man for several years. Still, that doesn’t smear it to me, it’s as pure and black-sanded as ever. How to get to Iceland then? Simple, do a remix for Bang Gang’s It’s Allright (attention, i’m guessing open to US residents only – yah, I know). OK, commencing copy-paste of press release.

BANG GANG is looking for the best fan remix of “It’s Alright” from the new BANG GANG album Something Wrong. To create your remix and enter the contest, visit the links below to hear the original song and download isolated multi-tracks of “It’s Alright”. Then use them and whatever else you have up your sleeve (just no illegal samples), to create a remix! The entries will be judged by Bardi Johannsson


As an example (and for fun), check out the SHOUT OUT OUT OUT REMIX of BANG GANG’s “Find What You Get” HERE


What you win

– Two plane tickets from one of Iceland Air’s US gateways (NYC, Boston, Orlando and Baltimore)


  • Contestants must submit an MP3 OF YOUR REMIX, YOUR FULL NAME, AND E-MAIL ADDRESS to banggang@fanaticpromotion.com by Friday, May 11.
  • Anyone can participate, and contestants can submit as many remixes as they wish.
  • The winner will be notified on Monday, May 21.


  • Two nights in a Reykjavik hotel
  • Transportation to Keflavik airport to the hotel and back
  • A Bunch of Exposure
  • Contest winner is responsible for their own transportation to and from one of Iceland Air’s US gateways (NYC, Boston, Orlando and Baltimore).
  • The prize can be used within one year of the issue date, except June, July, August and Christmas holiday period.
  • By submitting your e-mail, you agree to receive information on low fares to Europe from IcelandAir.
  • All contest entrants understand and agree that under no situation will Fanatic Promotion, Inc. be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages resulting from your participation in this offer.
  • By sending your mp3, you confirm that: All rights in and to the recordings remixed versions of the recordings are owned by FROM NOWHERE RECORDS and to the extent necessary you assign all rights in the remixed recordings to FROM NOWHERE RECORDS.

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