NuBlu is what makes the world go round. Maybe not right now, maybe not at this precise point, but you have to understand what I’m saying – these people may not be on the the most visible playing ground in music, but they’re lurking in cooler mists where breakbeats and alternative harmony crash into hip hop and jazz. This all makes it so pop, so beyond the pop that is now known to you, that you have to listen.

And if you live in New York, you have to check out their scene (directions). One night Forro in the Dark is banging out hard-charging Brazilian folk music, and two nights later I Led Three Lives is entrancing the crowd with near-psychedelic tech-jazz. Mmm.

NuBlu are a label (with acts such as Kudu, Wax Poetic, Forro In The Dark), an orchestra (conducted by Butch Morris), a club – a microcosm that follows its own musical trends and sub-trends, sparking what trend will mean in the future. Look out for this collective, they’re kicking ass in slow motion.

NuBlu Orchestra – Here Comes The Man

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