Forever Thursday

I just love my readers, especially those that obsess about songs and then obsess about finding the song when you can’t remember anything except a couple of lyrics. Paul, that means you. I felt quite silly not knowing who Paul was asking about in the mail he sent me, but that feeling of music-know-it-all supremo comes and flows or goes. Speaking of flow, before I digress, the song Paul eventually found is this:

Get it while it’s hot and JC Penney don’t slap my file hosts with a stick. And before you hear it all over the airwaves inducing that can-someone-cut-my-head-off syndrome.

myspace 1 and 2

12 thoughts on “Forever Thursday

  1. Glad to help out.
    Shaun, I’m guessing they weren’t initially going to record an LP, both Elliot and Melanie have their solo ventures.
    It was probably a spur of the moment thing which is why the song is so good. I don’t know if an entire album in this vein would be OK with me. It makes this one song even more special if they leave it at that

  2. I really appreciate the good things that you’ve said about Forever Thursday. But you need to take down the link to the MP3 file right away. If you really like the artist, then link to their itunes page and encourage people to buy the single for $1.00. Stopping ripping off artists that you claim to like.

  3. Perhaps what Steve fails to realise is that it is infact the posting of the mp3 that attracts ‘people’ to read the words in the first place. Without that one little mp3, a lot of traffic would just fly by without stopping off here: hence the likes of Jeff and Shaun (and probably quite a few silent types) would never have bothered to delve deeper and eventually buy the full album.

    My advice to any record company (or recording artist) is to read up bout mp3 blogs properly before berating the very people that are HELPING others to discover the music. This is free marketing, don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Not as if the whole album is being offered for free download. 😐

    Yours sincerely,

    Bemused of Brisbane

  4. I wonder if Steve is representing the interests of the artists as separate commercial entities 😉 or rather the one song that’s notoriously enough used in an ad. Hm.

    @ bemused of brisbane: 😀

  5. Forever Thursday is Melanie Horsnell vocals and Elliot Wheeler songwriter/ producer. melanie is an indie artist/songwriter. I am not sure what you are saying bout mp3’s but so far nobody is making money except maybe J C Penney. So lets forget the high and mighty attitude. You and I have discovered a genuine new singer and sound. Nothing more and nothing less…. they are aussies and you will find more by checking out Melanie Horsnell’s myspace website and Forever Thursday’s Myspace website… good luck

  6. Not entirely sure who is supposedly acting “high and mighty” bout mp3s, but I thought it was plain to see that the hosting of one mp3 for a week was a beneficial thing to everyone involved. Like a stuck record, I shall repeat… person finds review, appreciates the positivity, downloads the mp3, enjoys the mp3, buys the album. Yay, everyone’s a winner! 🙂

  7. Not getting into the debate, just wanted to say that it’s a really unique, different kind of song. Kinda creepy at first but it grew on me after a couple of listens.

  8. Melanie Horsnell is on tour in Australia and thinking about a USA Tour. If you want to encourage her go to myspace site listen to her music and tell her. she will respond I am sure
    meanwhile the song is on itunes under “Forever Thursday”, “How can it be” and so is Melanie’s album.

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