RJD2 goes all Neoplatonist

On the music liberation front, RJD2 is swinging those freedom-fightin’ bazookas like no other. He’s inviting you, and you and you to premix audio from his upcoming release, The Third Hand (March 6th). The bits of sound you get are stripped of production, to help fans return to the innocence and wonder of an uncluttered mind ready to be creative on its own terms.

when you do these remix things, you also are working with the original song in the back of your head. cause youve already heard the song. the only way around this would be if the song hadnt been released yet…..

so this was the thought process i was going through, and realized….well, my records not out yet, and ive got a few songs that are already 90% broken down to hits/stabs. it seemed like a good opportunity to see what happens when you give people access to the sounds that made up a song, BEFORE they every heard the song. so, here it is. there’s another 6 or 7 weeks before the record is released. go nuts. make whatever you want with it.

Here’s the IMEEM community. I already have aaaah! couple of favourite premixes.

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