A direct consequence

.. meanwhile I have become completely and forevermore dependent on Google Reader, which is now acting up.

I starred so many items I forgot what to post, so this is an impromptu bubble.

It’s a Glasgow bubble! In more recent development, it’s a haven for the preachers of our beloved indie rock gospel- be it noise or shoegazery, anything in between. I love the instant recognoscibility an accent gives you; and a Scottish one seems to me to lather your brain to the most latherable degree.

My Latest Novel they look so twee it hurts no. Do not judge, fair blog readers. That’s a good piece of advice in any matter. Or at least listen to the fairy-scaped sound delight that makes you think, that is, if your thoughts don’t pause completely to behold the grace before them, I say, you think what I am i listening to; sounds like pop, but it ain’t; there’s that experimental nouveau-something vibe that adamantly weeps inside the songs. Music that makes you think, without it being intellectual, a passive type of learning from your own recollections.. wait wah what am I starting an essay on Romanticism. OK, once more. It’s harmony in its most straight-forward manner; with a scampering or itchy violin always present to salute the vocals; with lights and shadows almost like a painting. This is touching without grotesque cliches.

download: The Hope Edition mp3

download: The Reputation of Ross Francis mp3

Glasvegas have been torching my indie yoyo since January. Rock’s been tossing my yoyo loose, except Glasvegas who climb and cling to it for dear life lest I should send out funeral invitations for rock music – listen and be wowed by the self-proclaimed BOMP
– Invisible ink there. They have that spirit of mutiny that’d suit a pirate ship. Loving them.

(If anyone in Bucharest should be willing to organize a Glasvegas gig here mail me)

(downloads from their myspace)

Ha, well, turns out this is more than a bubble.

3 thoughts on “A direct consequence

  1. well i don’t know its previous incarnation, i like this one. i’m into online readers, i used to have NetNewsWire or whatever and things just kept piling up

    as for flanc, it’s actually flan but i had to make it my own word and conjure up some height, which the final c doth bring. you have to see a film to know what that’s about in my head. it’s excellent wobbly dessert

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