Pod 01: “First One Out The Door”

Hello everybody,

Why you’re just in time for my first ever podcast which might not happen a second time (maybe a third,we’ll see).

Boy do you ever want to!… subscribe to the eashfacast (it has a page of its own, there was no other way)

Or download the mp3


Aoki Takamasa + Tujiko Noriko – 26th Floor
Bacanal Intruder – Jazzy Rendered
The Third Wave – Wave’s Lament
Georgia Anne Muldrow – Speakervision
Y Pants – Favourite Sweater
Danny Breaks – Astral Vibes zoostrumental
Zahara – Con Las Ganas

Pretty good for a Sunday – except the Favourite Sweater, that’s Saturday night’s praise bit.


I’ve tweaked the feedburner feed for eashfa, so it now should include mp3s I post delivered directly to your RSS reader. Eashfa feed w/mp3s, soon enough


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