El Kweli Libre

If you go here, you’ll find that Talib Kweli and Madlib have put up a free LP called Liberation (direct download)– burn it, they urge you; they even go all out and provide a PDF with the cover. What kind of tomfoolery is this? Free good music for the masses?! Nooo! Don’t you just love hip hop?

talib kweli liberation 2007

Did I mention this is actually a very well produced piece- no blips anywhere. In this age of restrictions, you have to wonder, at least I have to wonder, who do I choose to promote in this blog. Is it just the content that matters, regardless of how many restrictions you have to promote that content? Or is it the artists behind the content and how they choose to make their music available to as large an audience as possible?

Here’s a taster.

Talib Kweli – Soul Music mp3

And Talib Kweli’s myspace (who he mentions in semi-jest on the album)

2 thoughts on “El Kweli Libre

  1. Good question. I find that I can’t get behind something just because it’s free or not locked down by restrictions. BUT! There’s no catch in this case. Not only is it free, but it’s a collab between one of the best MCs and one of the best producers out there right now. Nobody should pass this up!

  2. ehh, not that keen on kweli (he’s dull, really, for all i know) but madlib? – pretty please, and this was quite fun for an album. another one that i spotted this way: deaf in the family’s “for those about to rock”. couldn’t imagine noone wanted to release it (as opposed to “liberation”, which has got somewhat of a controversial cover) but maybe i would never had heard about them otherwise.


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