No vices except the major ones. Honourable Mentions I

Since people might demand a recount


2006 eashfa thing


Voxtrot EP (myspace) – spot the twee pop! just can’t shake them off

Camille – Le Fil (dir) – an album with a concept that goes rampant. she nouvelle vague’d it too, but i prefer her solo

Amy Winehouse – Back To Black (hah, myspace) 🙂 This is so cliche.

Eglantine Gouzy – Boa Master (zip) (site) – after listening to Boa, you’ll get it. special thanks to the cookshop

toe – New Sentimentality EP (zip) (myspace)

Wax Tailor – Tales Of Forgotten Melodies (Que Sera, via) – so, french people can be cool

OOIOO – Taiga (JP) (myspace) (zip) (UMO, via ) – ladies and gentleman, we have rhythm!

Hisato Higuchi – Dialogue (JP) I should have actually put this in the main list. Pity I forgot – you really need to hear the electric guitar in the hands of a former puppeteer. (site) (Manazashi No Saki E/眼差しのさきえ mp3) (Himitsu/秘密/Secret mp3) – damn, i don’t know precisely what manazashi no saki e means.

I hope y’all have made some good discoveries today.

Note: Take a shower, clear your head, have a green tea, let the music reel ya in. Whatever you like, you can find here or here to buy. Oh and happy something something. For link removal, mail me.





3 thoughts on “No vices except the major ones. Honourable Mentions I

  1. Hehe, actually I am about to take a shower… how did you know that? The tea I had an hour ago… umm… it was flavoured black tea though..
    Thanks for this vast amount of goodies to delve into deeper sis!
    I can always count on you! 🙂

  2. wax tailor reminds me of a nice couple of weeks this past year, and i like the vigorous nina simone sampling. higuchi hisato – yeah he’s something else. a cuter version of whatever sachiko were trying to do. No no bad linda, sachiko drone away while Hisato melts.

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