Ode On A 2006 List


Thou unravish’d list,

I still don’t get thy gist –

Yet all fruits ripe may

Fall without delay. Eh?

P.S. I don’t do countdowns.

Guillemots. From The Cliffs EP

Having listened to the EPs over and over again one might say I got used to their unpolished ways. Maybe it’s a Pavlov-type effect. Whoever produced their LP ust tried to squeeze out their radio-friendly side, with questionable taste. Months later, I reckon I still love their gender-suspending spunk.

Guillemots – Made Up Love Song #43

download (58 Mb, sendspace) surrender to consumerist pressure

Georgia Anne Muldrow. Georgia Anne MuldrowOlesi Fragments of an Earth

One of hip hop’s finest female moments of 2006.

Birds mp3 (alternate link)

A Requiem For Leroy mp3 (via Stones Throw)

download album charrge it!

J Dilla. Donuts


I practically never write about hip hop because I’m terrified I never know enough about it. I stay away from making remarks on Greek and Roman classics too 🙂 Hip hop is the future of music, and it’s got the potential to make a major difference like rock had in the 60s and early 70s. RIP

charrrge it!



Anyone up for Polish nu-jazz?

Muzykoterapia – Bańki mp3

download LP (via relaxmusic) charrge it!

Bacanal Intruder.bacanal intruderModem EP

The second one that’s not an album per se – so what? It’s filled with glitchy surprises and scenic harmony.

Lloriao mp3

download EP charrge it!

A Hawk And A Hacksaw.a hawkThe Way The Wind Blows

my review here (with 3 mp3s)

Tanya Morgan.Moonlighting

Rocking my ipod perpetually. They even turn up when I shuffle – these three emcees of male origin. You just cannot escape the euphony, nor the arsenal of clever lyrics . Incredible considering it all began by swapping digital files back and forth over the internet.

We Be mp3 charrge it!

download album (rapidshare- i know it sucks)


Solid electronic goodness with ADD, and that’s where the Shibuya punk comes in. Takes a while to adjust yourself to the speed of change, and this guy’s wave doesn’t always crash on the shore.. it’ll be ok.

Music mp3

download album (mediafire, woohoo) charrge it

Mystery Jets.makingdens312.jpgMaking Dens

British bohemia nestled on one record.

Diamonds In The Dark acoustic via http://www.scimperscamper.com/

download album charrge it!

Electric President.electric president lpElectric President

Indie electronica progrock. Talent genes intact, alright.

Good Morning Hypocrite mp3

download album charrge it!


Jamie Lidell.Jamie Lidell - Multiply AdditionsMultiply Additions

Besides the horrendous remix for The City (what ever got into Four Tet?)- this is one class remix album. More mellow compared to the original, it focuses on Jamie’s vocals even in its most electronic argument. ‘People ask me: are white guys allowed to do that?’

Multiply (In A Minor Key feat. Gonzalez) mp3 via http://www.myselfmyself.com

download album charrge it!

Darondo.Let My People Go

I have to say, I listened to the whole album a few minutes ago. So I’m still swooning. Nonetheless, it doesn’t take deep concentration to realize that this is one of the best 2006 releases (that isn’t 2006 material) with one of the best stories behind it.

Darondo – Legs mp3

download quick! or here charrge it!



Note: OK so most of the albums have links for blatant and unadulterated download. All this album downloading affair is, as far as I can tell (haven’t made up my mind yet) a one time thing. These are records that I think you guys should have, so scoop ’em ’cause the links won’t be here forever you know. Take a shower, clear your head, have a green tea, let the music reel ya in. Whatever you like, you can find here or here to buy. Oh and happy something something.

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