Lonnndohn, is the place for me

Or is it? The Good The Bad And The Queen have received quite a lot of press, especially since their Electric Proms performance. But heads will turn and ears will tune in when you’ve got Damon Albarn, Tony Allen, Paul Simonon and Simon Tong playing together.

They’re all temping in the band, apparently, so this is just an experiment gone public. In part, it does sound a bit too close to Gorillaz (probably because Dangermouse is producing the record). However, if you take your time, let the lyrics stir you instead of violently shufling through your iPod, you’ll find a bunch of subtle melodies that take urban landscapes, lost romance and-  yeah, well- politics; they’ll settle under your skin before you know it. More than that, you’ll maybe work out the joy of listening to a whole album again.

These are guys who are already famous and who aren’t doing it for the money so they don’t need to be overzealous or fake. Their material is based on aesthetics and doesn’t seem to make compromises – against the tone set by most commercial prostitutes artists.

Here’s a track for you all:

The Good The Bad And The Queen – History Song mp3 

You could pre-order the “Kingdom Of Doom” single (and listen to five more tracks if you do), but that’s against the point of the group and it’s reason for being, so I suggest you pre-order the album off amazon if you’re considering buying.

Here’s a clip featuring The Good The Bad And The Queen, taken from BBC’s The Culture Show:

More: listening practice: The Good The Bad And The Queen @ The Hype Machine

reading: an article from Time Out London

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