The damn snow ain’t falling either

It’s December and I am yet to have my holiday break, but some things remain certain: the carolers will carol (or stampede if they’re organised, and Romanian), I still won’t open unless they sing Marshmallow World, some girl will put on her F Me Pumps and go out with other assorted depressed people, hit The Bottle, some will rent a motel room and sing Gloria, the rest back home basking in the moon’s twisted light, will ask themselves frantically, How Soon Is Now; during all this Christmas compilations and the best (fill blanks) of 2006 lists abound on blogs. People sure like an inventory.

photo magician: Splat Worldwide

This Yuletime sermon makes use of the following artists’ work:

Darlene Love – Marshmallow World

Amy Winehouse – F Me Pumps

Gil Scott Heron – The Bottle

The Eccentric Opera – Gloria

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?

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