In this age of reckless abandon

Yesterday being Romania’s National Day (crap-crappy time of year for that, yeah) someone you know has been immersed in more leisure time than usual. So here’s some stuff I’ve been notified of:

Sound Team are bubbling from under the underscores of Austin, TX – home of the US musical genius gene-pool. Art-rockers they may be, but no pretentious hoop-la is to be seen on their colour-coordinated myspace – just three videos, and oh, Pitchfork don’t like them – here’s the motion picture for that.. I do need more than this mp3 to get the whole picture, but still, I remain indebted to Sound Team for a ray of shine on one of my otherwise toneless days.

Sound Team – No More Birthdays mp3

Ripchord – now there’s a telling name – discovered by James Endeacott, and duly signed to his label. They don’t have a site (they’ve just been signed you see, and it would be so cool for them not have a myspace), but they have a vid…

… the beginning of the rehashing of The Libertines? Aah I’m messing but I’m really waiting for people with exhilirating musical talent to burst my seams and make me want to jump around and run on high streets. Is that so much to ask for these days? Meanwhile the lads from Wolverhampton are doing a good job of finger-painting an indie anthem or two (I’ve only heard the one) – and seeing as their age range is 17 – 19, well- well that’s all.

sube y bajaSube y Baja – looking for indie music in Spanish? Then look no further because this page has it all, from electronica to cumbia to heavy metal. My favourite find is a band called Largo, and they’re in the pop category. Amparo’s vocals and the guitar lacing sound refreshing, although with a mid-nineties rock feel to it.

Largo – Desaparecer mp3 (via Sube y Baja)


I stumbled upon this site while violently adding music to my seeqpod playlist. If you ain’t heard of it yet, it’s a unique type of aggregator sucking music from the internet like no other. It’s very much in a beta phase – with no links to go with the mp3s yet, but you can make up your playlist and save it for wherever you go. There’s also a list of blogs taking shape as we speak. I know I’ve recently been needing my regular dose of REM’s Radio Free Europe (mp3) for some reason.

Two more ways to keep maxing out your disk space (all this free downloading does have its sour grapes-like moments): Jeej’s new podcast (I already want mooore!) and RegnYouth Archives’ Christmas music “recommendations”. Notice the inverted commas.


4 thoughts on “In this age of reckless abandon

  1. RegnYouth forgot a few true essentials:

    – Duke Ellington – _Three Suites_ (including his band doing The Nutcracker)

    And also entertaining, although in an *entirely* different manner:

    – Star Wars — _Christmas In The Stars_ (C3PO doing “Sleigh Ride”, dontchaknow)

  2. RegnYouth … I subscribed to the feed because they’re constantly updating and all the uploaded goodness filed under YuleFinds gets thicker by the advent calendar snap and pop.
    Gav (jeej) I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to reveal the podcast. It actually demands a proper review on its own, it’s that good. So.. sumimasen senpai if I wronged you!!

  3. Hey, don’t get me wrong, the podcast was no secret or private party – I really just didn’t tell many people cos… I just didn’t. I’ve been pretty busy and what-not. I did plan to make a blog entry for the podcast (and I still will), along with volume two of the podcast.

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