Rocket Kit

Some hip student out there must have written a dissertation as to how climate affects your disposition, hair colour and musical talent. And they must have talked about Northern Europe. (If anyone has indeed embraced the idea of writing about this stuff, I’d rather like to see the outcome).

Sometimes I think the rest of the continent can just take a bourgeoisie break, have a vanilla cig and watch the dainty fairies and fairs stroll by.


On the red carpet today are Rockettothesky who have released their debut LP, To Sing You Apple Trees, (thanks Jenny! for sending it to me hot off the press) and it’s all warm and fuzzy, then still and icy. I love an album I can listen to from first to last note without guiltily pressing the fast-forward again and again.

Jenny Hval is one part wacky, one part brave, and.. that’s about it. There is that one part musical talent.. It’s quite hard to write about music that seems to drift away the more you to try to catch up with it by using words.

You’d think she’s quite naive, this story-teller quietly announcing she stepped on your toothbrush that you’d used for washing her out of your mouth (I Stepped On A Toothbrush). Then Jenny ponders on A Cute Lovesong Please, “When you think of me do you masturbate”; the words twist like a lyrical branch on an epic, tribal air. The tornado of metaphors and simile never ceases, but it all comes so natural to her voice print, it’s not at all tiresome. Jenny never lacks volume, even when she’s whispering . My highlights are Barrie For Billie Mackenzie, Cigars, A Cute Love Song, Please and A Flock Of Chestshire Cats (the last two I’ve featured before) but listening to the whole LP gives them a sort of depth and no song is skippable.

Rainy day listening material – you’d end up swallowing the rain and spitting out some sun 🙂

Rockettothesky – Barrie For Billie Mackenzie mp3

Rockettothesky – Cigars mp3


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